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Block Tower

Gist: Students match answers to questions in order to stack the blocks in the correct order.

Why Do It?  Blocks are fun!  And working together on a single class tower means every student's contribution counts.


-basic Mega Blocks, at least 30

-an assignment

Set Up:

1. Print or copy the answer key, cut it apart (making sure to cut off the numbers), and tape one answer to each block.

2. Optional: stack the blocks in order, with the first answer at the top on down to the last, and take a picture to help you check each tower during play.  Alternately, you can just use the work sheet answer key.

To Play:

1. Distribute a copy of the worksheet to each student.

2.  Give each student a block or let them each draw one block from the bag.

3.  Allow time for students to work problems on the assignment to find which problem number their answer block goes with.

4.  Then students work together to stack the blocks in order, the answer to #1 at the top on down to the last on the bottom.  Building in this order means students have to work together to keep the tower up, facilitating greater buy-in from students who are already "done."  Students navigate disagreements to settle on a "correct" answer.

5.  You check their tower.  If they are wrong, re-distribute blocks and try again.  If it is totally correct, either play again or end the game.

Caution and Tips:

-Some students are better leaders than others.  Try to allow them to reach consensus without your intervention, but be ready to step in if any students are being belittled or marginalized.​

-If a class is particularly large or easily gets off-task once their part is done, consider one of the variations below.

-If you have more students than questions/answers, have students work as partners.


-Make two or three sets and divide the class into smaller groups, giving each student multiple blocks to match.

-Use the colors of blocks to differentiate, giving content of different difficulty levels or question types to appropriate students.

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