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Movie Night

Movie Night is a quick, easy, no fuss way to give students a chance to pause and explain their learning.


-None!  Though, optionally, you can give students access to lists of movie titles.

-Optional printed version of Movie Night available here.


The Objective:

Students come up with a movie title that relates to what you just lectured about or covered in class and explain their reasoning.

There are two ways to play.

First, you can allow students to turn-and-talk and come up with titles aloud, sharing as a whole class.

Alternately, you can have students complete these paper versions to turn in for you to examine more deeply.

Either approach lets students quickly explain their learning in a creative, open-ended way.

We even used Movie Night in staff PD to reflect on our implementation of some Teach Like a Champion strategies!


-You can use the printed version as an exit ticket or check for understanding.

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