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Content-Specific Ideas

The rest of this site is dedicated to ideas that are both easy and reusable.  


This section is a collection of some of the ideas I've used to teach specific content or skills, previously hosted on my personal blog.


These activities may not be as versatile as the others on this site, but based on their populatity on Pinterest and feedback from workshops I've done, I've decided to share them.  Enjoy!


(This section is under construction as I move posts from my blog, ForSuchATimeAsThis.)

Use blocks and Play-Doh to explore the properties and qualities of 3-D figures.

Acitvities for the book Holes

End of book activities for the book Holes.

Lego Prepositions and Modifiers

Use Legos to practice process writing, revising, communication, prepositions, or modifiers.

Floor Graph City

Want to make your coordinate graphing lessons more interesting?  Having trouble reaching struggling students?  This idea may help.

Bull's-Eye Answers

This hands-on strategy helps students narrow answer choices to select the "bull's-eye answer," perfect for test prep!

Roll the dice to pick your words and use them to build rather ridiculous sentences.  Practices using words in their designated part of speech.

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