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Meme Me

Meme Me is a fun, entertaining but insightful way to check in to see what students are learning from your lesson.​



-Meme Me pages (optional)


-Several memes (digital or printed)


The Objective:

Students pick a meme they feel represents their learning of your topic then explain the relationship.

There are two ways to play.

First, you can allow students to pick a meme (from a digital or printed supply) and explain verbally how it relates to their mastery of the topic.

Alternately, you can distribute these written versions for students to complete and turn in.

Either approach lets students quickly create meaning out of what you've just taught, and the brief whole-class share-and-discuss time gives you quick, useful feedback about how much they're really understanding.  The relevance and interest-level of memes makes this a particularly useful strategy.

We even used Meme Me in staff development to reflect on our implementation of some Teach Like a Champion strategies!


-Use Meme Me as an exit ticket or check for understanding.

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