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#It lets students describe their learning using a hashtag.​


-These #It printables (optional)


The Objective:

Students come up with or choose a hashtag to describe either their learning or the topic itself.

There are two ways to play.

First, you can pause and allow students to come up with hashtags aloud.  Students could think of or pick hashtags that describe either their own understanding of the topic or the topic itself and then explain.

Alternately, you can have students complete these #It printouts for the same information.

Either approach lets students quickly create meaning out of what you've just taught.  You may see gaps you need to address or find that they understand far deeper than you expected.  The relevance of hashtags makes this activity particularly appealing to today's students.

We even used #It in professional development to describe our implementation of some Teach Like a Champion strategies!


-Use the printable version as an exit ticket or check for understanding.

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