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Recipe Card

For Recipe Card, students consider what the "ingredients" of an assignment are and the steps to complete it OR the ingredients of the content and the steps leading up to the event or the creation/discovery of the content.  Recipe Card encourages students to consider your current content within its larger context.

To see Recipe Card used as a Homework Buster, check out this page.

To use Recipe Card as a Lecture Buster, pause your lecture and have pairs of students complete a Recipe Card over what you've just covered.  You could even laminate a class set to have readily available and to reuse again and again.  Then have pairs share what they came up with.  This will break up your lecture, give students an opportunity to solidify their understanding of what you've just covered, and will give you quick feedback what students are understanding.  To conserve class time, keep their work time to 3 minutes, then allow a minute or 2 to share.  This quick approach might not garner the kind of depth the Homework Buster version would, but it still allows for an effective and informative Lecture Buster.

A blank version of the Recipe Card is available here.  Download it to your own device and edit as you see fit.  You may want more space for more involved answers, less (especially if using as a Lecture Buster), or fancier graphics.  Make Recipe Card your own!

Here are some completed examples.  These are from Homework Buster uses of Recipe Card, so they are perhaps more robust than you should expect from a Lecture Buster response.  However, these would serve as good examples to help students understand how to do Recipe Card.



-This activity can also be used as a Homework Buster!  Go beyond the right or wrong answers of an assignment in a creative, open-ended way.  See more here.

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