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Caution and Tips

A Word About Classroom Management

Because the activities included in this site get students up and moving, talking together, and interacting with content in nontraditional ways, it is imperative that classroom management be considered.


Expectations for volume, conduct, and procedures should be clearly defined and rehearsed prior to starting any of these activities.


Teachers who are used to more traditional activities may find it beneficial to introduce these activities slowly in small groups.  Half the class can do the activity with teacher supervision while the other half reads a chapter, watches an instructional video, completes a quiz, etc. 


In the event a student chooses not to behave within those expectations, a traditionally printed copy of the worksheet can be used to allow the student to complete the same material without participating in the activity.  At least one printed copy for each class should be kept at the ready, just in case.


Teach Beyond the Desk recommends rehearsing expectations often and responding quickly and consistently to disruptions.


But don't give up.  If necessary, students who meet teacher expectations can continue to participate in more activities while those who don't complete traditional worksheets until they earn the right to participate again.  An engaged student is rarely a disruptive student, so providing quality instructional experiences actually reduces misbehavior.




Access my activity design templates here.


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