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Question and Answer

Gist: Each student gets both a question and an answer.  Students form chains matching questions to answers, similar to "I have, who has...?" games.


Why Do It? Students rarely care much about the work they do on a worksheet.  Playing Quesiton and Answer gets them up and moving, narrows down how many problems they have to do, increases engagement and motivation, and generally breaks the doldrum of a regular school day.  This strategy gets them communicating with each other about what they're learning.  Each student is initially responsible for just 2 questions.  No special materials required!





Directions To Make:



Set Up:

1.  Cut apart a worksheet and answer key.  Keep a copy of the answer key for yourself.


To Play:

1.  Distribute one question and one answer to each student. 

2.  Give students a moment to solve their questions.

3.  On your signal, students try to find the person with their answer.  One student's matching answer will belong to a student whose question matches someone else, and so on.  

4.  Students form the longest chain possible.  In order for their chain to count, all answers must be correct.  Students should work together to check all questions.

5.  Check matches using your key.  The longest correct chain wins!

6.  Redistribute questions and answers and repeat.


Caution and Tips:

-Some students will "match" 2 different chains.  They must decide which they go to OR encourage the chains to combine.  

-Students often try to trade slips until they're holding a match.  Practice a round really emphasizing holding on to their own slips and physically moving to match the people next to them.

-If students cannot behave according to your expectations during the activity, they can be sent back to their desk to complete the entire worksheet on their own.



-If the whole class can form one correct chain, everyone wins!  Consider a special bonus.

-You can provide individual copies of the worksheet to students and have them record answers from their group.  Remind them they are responsible for deciding if those answers are correct or not and will be responsible for their grade. 

-You can use a class roster to keep track of individual points for cummulative winners or just do winning groups for each round.  

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