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A Long Overdue Update!

A new job! A new book! PUPPIES!

This video updates you on all things Teach Beyond the Desk and Katie Powell.

Are you a middle school (or middle grades in any other school configuration) educator? You can find out more about our Successful Middle School program here. Seriously, it's so refreshing and empowering to renew our focus on what our students really need.

Frustration Busters will be out in late October! I should have cover art to share soon! I'm VERY excited about this project!

If you're heading back to school and will have virtual students and/or significant restrictions, this post shares virtual and distanced adaptations of many of our favorite Busters.

Heading back to in person for the first time in a while? You may find this post handy. I wrote it after our first few weeks back to in-person instruction after being hybrid for several weeks (and fully virtual before that).

And PUPPIES?? To keep up with the latest on Ollie and her 9 puppies (currently named Alfreda, Poppy, Edward, Dug, Segira, Runt, Blue, Pupperoni, and the super-original Puppy), follow me on Twitter @beyond_the_desk. We all need a little happy every now and then, and what's happier than smooshy puppy faces and tiny little toe beans?? Y'all, they wag their tails when they nurse. And one learned to bark today!

OK, now you're caught up. I'll be sharing some back to school content available through both AMLE and Dave Burgess Consulting--all FREE!!--in the coming weeks.

Here's to hoping we have lots of things to celebrate even in the midst of a back to school season that's not quite what we were hoping it would be.

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1 Comment

Patrick Chisler
Patrick Chisler
Oct 07, 2023

Katie, I attended your session Friday in Harnett County NC. I enjoyed your energy and really liked your suggestions. I have a graduate degree in Instructional Technology, but no where in there were any classes or lectures to make this type of activities. I think my students will enjoy these techniques. I teach social studies so anything that breaks the monotony I will try. Thank you for what you do.

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