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Boredom Busters are now on Tik Tok!

Yes, the author who doesn't know how to Instagram is now attempting to Tik Tok.


Well, if you're interested in bite-sized videos explaining various Busters (and eventually additional adaptations and variations), feel free to check me out at .

I haven't been on Tik Tok prior to this, so I had no preferences established. As I scrolled through the FYP (check me out, using the lingo!), my 14 year old sat with me and directed me to like every cat video we came across. Thus, my FYP is almost entirely cats.

The following is a true excerpt of my life.

Scene: Our living room couch, me seated beside my 14 year old while he played a video game on the TV in front of us.

Me: My Tik Tok is almost entirely cats now. It's like Cat Tok. Or Purr Tok! *Cackles at my own joke*

14-Year-Old: Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now.


So, feel free to share your favorite #teachersoftiktok or cat videos! Oh! And otters! I LOVE otters!

Enjoy! :)

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